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2014 Report Shows Cost Increase After Amalgamation

Updated: Feb 24, 2019

The 2014 report reviews the outcomes from premier Mike Harris's 1995 "Common Sense Revolution". "The results show the municipal public sector grew, both in employment and cost, and expanded at a faster rate than it had in the decade before amalgamation."

"The conclusion is very strong: amalgamation didn't reduce the size of municipal government," said Timothy Cobban, political science professor at Western University and lead researcher.

Our #stopamalgamation campaign comment...

Yes this is Mike Harris. Regardless, this is relevant to us today because in 1995 the Progressive Conservative Harris government went on a rampage called the Common Sense Revolution. During this time, a large number of towns were amalgamated. In 2014, Timothy Cobban of Western University researched the results. The number of politicians were decreased, but the size of government actually went up. What are we trying to achieve here? Some efficiencies may well need to be found in some regions, and there may even be minor efficiencies to be found in the current Halton structure. But over the years, Halton has been well managed, and many efficiencies have already been undertaken. A complete overhaul is not needed or wanted. And any review needs to be careful, thoughtful, and must include public consultation. Yet this is not what is being proposed in this 'race to the finish' approach being contemplated by the Ford government.

The article was printed in the Hamilton Spectator and can be found here.


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